Australian Country Radio Industry
One thing every Radio Station needs is advertising turnover. Without it the best sounding and most listener
pleasing service is heading down a dusty road to closure. The Australian Country Radio Industry Website is
one of the first places that local and national advertisers regularly plan campaigns on Australian Country Radio.

Advertisers are spending a great deal of money to advertise and it only make sense that they want the best possible
return for the dollars they invest. If your lucky, an Advertiser might grab the yellowpages and call every Radio Station
in town (does your stations name start with an 'A' or a 'Z'!) or if you send a rep knocking on their door they might actually
read the material you leave them. But these days one thing is virtually guarenteed: they will also spend a few quiet
hours doing some research on the web away from your sales staff to ensure they are getting the best value and not making
clumsey mistakes (or maybe seeing if things have changed since the last time they used Radio Advertising).

Will they look for the information on your website? Well they have already got your side of the story, now they want some
independent advice and prices - this is when we hear from them. We help them work their way through advertising options in
a way that means they are only looking for the best value for their money distinct from anything else Sales staff at Radio
Stations are telling them. Advertisers automatically trust our advice because in reality it is something THEY have used our
website and consultants to research for themselves.

We can let you get on with providing the best programming you can and handle the selling for you! We can provide
you with fully qualified leads. This means advertisers who have money to spend in your area and are interested
in a predominantly country audience. Not vague prospects, but Advertisers who have approached us to secure
advertising time for them. We do the hard bit for you - all you have to do is close the final sale.

Advertisers' need's change all the time and we can certainly never guarentee where they will buy advertising time
next, but the bottom line is another station may be sure to get it if your going it alone. By working at an industry
level we are able to get the right advertisers to the right stations in the right areas. By working together as an
industry we are able to attract more general advertising revenue to more Country format stations; which includes
major sponsors that very rarely will deal with a single small station, but will put advertising your way as part of
a national strategy we have mapped out with them.

If your station features country music you are invited to list your Station with us. For an annual fee your station
will go into the click-traffic-intensive listener locator on our landing page and we will forward advertising leads
to you when they become available based on your area, Station size and demographic. The annual fee is calculated
according to the license category of your station as it is issued by the ACMA.

List Your Station - Community Station $499 AUD
List Your Station - LPON/HPON Station $999 AUD *
List Your Station - Commercial Station $2499 AUD *

* Price includes a single station. If you operate a network of stations please ask about bulk discounts.

Contact Us for payment details: CLICK HERE